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M&A – Compra, Venda e Avaliação de Empresas

M&A (Merger and Acquisitions) is a fusion and acquisition of companies process. It’s a strategy that helps the growth from different financial transactions where companies are sold, purchased or merged.

Grupo Engenho gives client support in strategics evaluation from the moment of deciding on a purchase, sale or merge, until the preparation of the company for a merger, sale or purchase. Our team has theoretical and practical knowledge, business experience, extensive business knowledge and tools and processes to support the client.

Products and Services

Funções e Aquisições

  • Tax Credits
  • Créditos Regime Monofásico
  • Calculation of ICMS exclusion based on PIS COFINS
  • PIS/COFINS Credits in General Manufacturing Expenses
  • Ex-Tariff
  • Special Regimes

Management and Strategic Planning

  • Growth strategy
  • Strategic Business Development

Sometimes the process includes a plan for improvement of results such as sales growth, increased profitability or resolution of compliance issues before starting the M&A process. In this process, we follow 10 steps:

Contract - The work begins with the definition of advisory service provision for the contracting company and prospecting buyers, composed of a fixed tranched and a ad-exitum tranched, which includes a confidentiality term to protect the contracting company. From this point onwards, Grupo Engenho will use its efforts on behalf of the Contracting Party;

Teaser - A “Company’s Blind Profile” elaboration: description of the business opportunity to potential buyers without revealing the identity of the company that is for sale. It uses information provided by the company organized in order to attract the interest of qualified investors;

Valuation - Based on informations about past results, future business plans, company’s assets and liabilities, we carry out an assessment of the value and valuation of the Company to support to the seller in the following steps;

Prospecting – Stage in which we define potential interested investors and present the company with the support of the “Teaser”;

NDA - Once the Interested Party is identified, this interested party is informed to the representatives of the company interested in the sale and, if the company is also interested in doing business with the investor, the companies sign a “Non Disclosure Agreement” that allows revealing their identity and exchanging information;

MOI – “Memorandum of Information” is a collection of financial and operational informations of the company, prepared by the Grupo Engenho based on information provided by the company, that allows the investor to evaluate the business in depth and make an offer to buy;

Offer - The interested in the purchase makes an offer for the company and negotiation begins about the values and conditions of the business.

LOI/MOU – “Letter of Intention” or “Memorandum of Understanding” are documents that formalize the negotiations for the transaction that will be effectively concluded if the information about the deal has been verified through a Due Diligence; 

Due Diligence – Stage of evaluation of the information available for the preparation of the MOI and identification of potential liabilities not presented by the company;

Final Deal – Once the Due Diligence is concluded, the negotiation values ​​are reviewed in case of discrepancy between the preliminary and final information and the final values ​​are agreed for the elaboration and signature of the sales contract.