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Planejamento de Projeto para Criação e Lançamento de Novas Unidades

Project Planning for Creating and Launching New Units

Educational Institution - Project and Portfolio Management

To carry out the planning of the project to create a new educational unit, a dynamic was carried out with all the areas involved, where the activities were detailed in an interactive way, so that discussions about lessons learned and points of attention were considered for the construction of the plan.Then all activities were placed on the timeline, respecting the project phases, predecessors and necessary interdepende Learn more
Reestruturação da Área de RH

Restructuring of the HR Area

Multinational in the field of Agribusiness – Continuous Improvement

Using the process mapping methodology, and counting on the participation of the team responsible for the execution of the HR processes, the activities were detailed in a dynamic and interactive way, allowing the team to clearly perceive opportunities for standardization, optimization and innovation of processes.After consolidating the information and analyzing the processes efforts, it was possible to understand how the activities could be Learn more
Projeto de Otimização de Processos Fabris

Manufacturing Process Optimization Project

Electronic Industry - Process Optimization

Project to improve productivity, reduce in-process inventory and reduce the use of manufacturing area. In this project, 20 managers and 50 engineers and analysts were trained with the Lean Board Game and later 5 Kaizen projects were carried out at the factory. The total duration of the project was 2 months and the kaizens were carried out in a week. The project's gains were very significant and lasting, which allowed a great gain in productivi Learn more
Projeto de Expansão e Layout de Fábrica

Factory Expansion and Layout Project

Process Optimization - Automotive Industry

Project for expansion and design of a new factory layout in order to accommodate the new machines and ensure a rational flow of material. A study of material flows was developed, taking into account the product families, weights, packages, production volume and storage capacity in the cells. The new layout allowed for optimized supply to the cells, minimizing movements, which allowed for a 66% reduction in the number of suppliers. Learn more

Client Stories

Paulo Castro
In January and February/16 we had the opportunity to work with the Grupo Engenho in which, firstly, training was given to the Operations Managers, training with Leaders and members of the operation support areas with the Lean Board Game and, in February, a Kaizen event with 5 Projects. The experience was incredible and the participants were very satisfied with all the material and experience exchanged, as the Lean Board Game breaks paradigms of theoretical training in the classroom, making employees simulate everyday situations and verify the results. With this, it was possible to spread the Lean Culture, allowing everyone to work together and with greater efficiency.
Laura Pes Sales
I had already participated in an Grupo Engenho Workshop at another company and, when we identified the need to deepen the concepts of VSM, during an Operational Excellence Program, I had no doubts about doing it again…
Silvio Madalozzo
I have known the work of Grupo Engenho for more than 10 years and had the experience of several projects with them, not only in Brazil, but also in projects abroad (Argentina, Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc.) and always with consistent results and deliveries .