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Otimização e Estruturação de Processos Fabris

Industrial Productivity

We understand the customers' needs through interviews, visits and process mapping, and then select the most appropriate tools for application, which will bring the expected results with the lowest cost and implementation effort. We start with simpler tools applications for organizing and rationalizing production flows and, as necessary, we deepen the concepts, being able to use statistical techniques, Six Sigma, Operational Research, Modeling, Simulation and development of algorithms for quick analysis and decision making.

Examples of indicators that we seek to improve: Productivity, Production Capacity, Defects and Rejects, MOD operating costs and resource utilization, inventory reduction and increased delivery punctuality.

Some concepts and methodologies we use:

Lean Manufacturing

  • Process mapping and waste reduction
  • 5S
  • Setup Reduction
  • Continuous flow
  • Pull Production
  • Error proof system
  • Standardized work

Six Sigma

  • Studies, analyzes and experiments to reduce process variation and increase reliability.
  • Yellow, Green e Black Belt

Modeling and Simulation

  • Process modeling to determine the best response
  • Simulation of processes to compare scenarios and facilitate decision making
  • 3D simulations

Industry 4.0, algorithms and analytics

  • Real-time data capture and analysis
  • Algorithm developments for analysis and decision making