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Inteligência de Mercado

We have a Project Managers team, Consultants and Analysts specialized in carrying out researches, market studies and producing information and databases for global clients interested in Brazilian markets, South America and Central America, and also in local clients interested in the local market in export growth.

We work with modern tools for analysis of Big Data and user-friendly reports, with Microsoft Power BI, for publications in our cloud and WEB platforms.

In engine-driven markets, we are affiliated with Power Systems Research, the global leader in Market Intelligence in engine-powered equipment since 1976, present in 8 countries offering five distinct databases: EnginLink™, OELink™, CV Link™ and PartsLink™ , which constitute the most comprehensive source of market information for the engine, engine components, engine parts and OEM equipment market.

Power Systems operates in 15 different segments, including: Light Commercial Vehicles; Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles; Power generators; Agricultural Equipment; Construction Equipment; Passenger Cars; Minivans and SUVs; Industrial Motorcycles; Vessels; Railway and Recreation Vehicles.

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