Sustainable results

We generate quick results that are sustainable in the long term.

Custom-made solutions

We understand your
necessities and offer
custom-made solutions
for your business

People development

Specialized team for
building and transfer
of knowledge for the


We utilize applicable methodologies for the specific needs of the clients.

Our team

We listen to you, learn about your company and outline the best strategy to boost your results.

Marcos Schroeder
Thais Pizzini
Michele Gaspardi
Fabio Schroeder
Alexandre Giolo
Letícia Guatelli
Eduardo Marchiori
Gustavo Landgraf
Carlos Briganti
Cesar Briganti
Fabio Ferraresi

Grupo Engenho

For more than 10 years creating simple and innovative solutions

We offer solutions for creating new businesses, transforming and optimizing processes, continuous improvement, training, governance, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions and fiscal and tax management


- Why choose Grupo Engenho?

We apply and develop solutions custom-made, we transfer knowledge and transform the processes and businesses of our clients.

About us

Grupo Engenho is a consulting company focused on delivering attractive results through the application and development of custom-made solutions and methods, ensuring relevant results and knowledge transfer to clients.

For more than 10 years delivering relevant and consistent results to our clients, creating simple and innovative solutions, together with the client's team, guaranteeing the commitment and sustainability of the gains.